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Get Strong. Gain Flexibility. Build Stability and Focus. 
Manage Weight and Stress.

Try this yoga for beginners video and see that you too, can do yoga.

Have you
a. Tried yoga before but felt it wasn't for you, felt out of place, or had trouble finding a yoga video on YouTube that you could do because maybe you have an injury, condition, or just aren't as flexible, strong or stable as you once were?
b. Wanted to try yoga but feel you just won't be able to keep up, feel out of shape and embarrassed, so you just avoid it?
If you answered yes to either of these questions, You are not alone! You CAN do yoga! You just need to learn how to do the poses, themselves, first, along with the modifications that will specifically benefit you. 
There are different variations of every pose that allow you to practice them safely and effectively, but finding someone who teaches you that is nearly impossible! Most yoga classes or videos only allow you to practice what you already know how to do, but don't actually teach you how to actually do yoga! 


Learning yoga is about starting with the basics, for safety and effectiveness. So why not try the beginner course that thousands of students, just like you, have taken and experience all of the benefits yoga has to offer? 

In my online course, you get 3 hours of videos that are broken down into 8 separate modules. Here's what you'll get:
Introduction Video
  • The poses with your hands on the ground- learn how to correctly place your body weight onto your hands to avoid pain and build muscle and strength in your arms and hands.
  • The seated poses- learn how to correct back posture and eliminate the position that causes back pain.
  • The standing poses- learn how to build strength, stability, and flexibility while building muscles that help your posture. 
  • The balance poses- learn how to gain strength in your feet, ankles, legs and core to help build stability for balancing.
  • The back bending poses- learn how to properly, safely and effectively arch your back (we start small, don't worry!)
  • 2 practice videos- you get to practice everything you learned with these 2 videos. Anytime!
  • Self paced- work at your own speed. Do it when you have time. When it fits YOUR schedule. Do each video as many times as you want until you feel comfortable enough to move on.
  • Easy step by step instruction- I explain everything in depth so you know where to put everything, how to breathe, and even where to look!
  • Modifications- learn how to modify each pose when it doesn't work for you.
Its only $34.99 with a 30 day money back guarantee, so if you don't love it, you can return it and get a full refund!

Here's My Story.
I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years ago. One day I was in a class and I'll never forget the popping sound in my hip that sent shooting pains into my back. After a Doctor told me I had dislodged my Sacrum from what I was doing in yoga class, I was floored! I thought yoga was supposed to heal. I had no idea it could hurt you. But, you see, for the first several years I did yoga, I didn't have an instructor actually teach me what I should be doing, so I just did what I saw everyone else doing in classes, not knowing it would hurt me.
I decided I wanted to become a yoga teacher and make sure I could prevent others from hurting themselves like I did. So, in 2012, I got my Yoga Teaching Certification and I opened my first yoga studio in 2013. 
I started teaching my beginner course in person every month and every month it sold out! I was amazed at how I was able to help my students to conquer the fear of starting a yoga practice and even become advanced practitioners. 
And now, I'm taking this program online to offer it to students around the world! 
Here's what some students have to say:
What an AMAZING intro!!!! I wish I would have had this foundation set 7 years ago when I started. Such great info, THANK YOU!!!
-Susan R.
Jessica truly believes in what she is doing, provides in-depth knowledge and goes at a great pace for a beginner like me. I failed many times at yoga before finding Jessica’s course and now I tell everyone they need to work with her if they want to learn how to do yoga the right way and with the proper mindset. I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to get into yoga as they would not be disappointed. Let her teach you why yoga is such an important practice to make part of your daily routine!
-Bernadette P.
I am a 74 year old woman and my doctor told me should try yoga because of my arthritis. So I started it and actually really enjoyed it. I've never done yoga before so I didn't know what to expect, but it was really well explained and easy to do. I'm almost finished now and really feel like I have learned a lot. Maybe now I can go to a fancy yoga studio!
Marsha P.
Jessica Coyne's Yoga for Beginners class is an opportune and effective way to introduce yourself to Yoga. She is informative and instructional, as well as being charming, compassionate and professional. As an older individual, these classes are the best way for me to increase flexibility and begin to move again! I recommend Jessica's classes to those who wish to add another realm and sense of calm to their life.
Marian R.