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Reiki Practitioner

REIKI I & II Certification
Learn How To Heal With The Power Of Reiki
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Meet Your Teacher.

Do you want to make extra income while helping others?

Harness the power of the Universe to help heal yourself
and others while earning an income.
Did you know a Reiki practitioner can earn $100/hour?
Reiki is energy healing. We all have the ability. Let me show you how to use it to help yourself and others.

Check out this video of a full Reiki Session!

Reiki has enriched my life and allowed me to help so many others.
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Hi. I'm Jessica Coyne. Reiki Master/ Teacher and Yoga Instructor. 

Reiki has changed my life and given me a profound purpose.


I have been able to help so many other individuals find joy and peace, heal from trauma, find focus and a renewed sense of self.

I had no idea it was so easy. I began practicing Reiki over 5 years ago and, not only has it helped me emotionally, physically, and spiritually, but it has also helped me increase my income so that I can live a life of abundance and give back to my community.

I hope you'll give me a chance to help you do the same.

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"The practitioner does not find Reiki. Reiki finds the practitioner."

Become a Certified Level II Reiki Practitioner in this 2 day course.

Reiki Treatment

Learn everything you need to use this powerful healing gift.

The infinite healing power of Reiki is all around us, but few of us know how to use its omnipotent energy.

In this powerful 2 day course you'll get:

  • Level 1 attunement

  • Level 2 attunement

  • 3 level 2 Reiki symbols

  • The knowledge to do self treatments

  • The knowledge to do treatments on others

  • Full Manual

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Here's what you'll learn:

Reiki Level I

  • Reiki level I attunement

  • Introduction To Reiki

  • Reiki lineage

  • Reiki benefits

  • Reiki Usage

  • How to use Reiki

  • Reiki Principals

  • Who can receive Reiki

  • The Chakras

  • Self Treatment hand positions

Reiki Level II

  • Reiki level II attunement

  • Symbol 1

  • Symbol 2

  • Symbol 3

  • Hand positions for treating others

  • The 3 Pillars of Reiki

  • How to treat others

  • What are Reiki guides

  • Reiki guide meditation

  • Distance Healing

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I am already Reiki I or II Certified?​

A: Reiki never goes away, but some practitioners report stronger Reiki abilities if they get certified again after their original attunements. Plus if you feel you need a refresher or just want more info, it never hurts.

Q: Can anyone not get Reiki certified?

A: Anyone can get Reiki certified. Reiki belongs to everyone. We just need to know how to access it.

Q:What if I only want Level I or Level II but not both. 

A:This class will only be available to those willing to attend both days, and recieve Reiki Level I and II attunements and information. It cannot be broken up.

Q: Why can't I just get my training online.

A: Truthfully, I received my training online and had many questions following my course. It was difficult to navigate this new ability on my own. There is just so much information, and some of the questions you have will not come up for weeks, months or years after your original training and it is easier to understand with in person support.

Q:What if I want a refund?

A:I can refund you before the class starts. However, after an attunement has been given, there are no refunds because you cannot un-attune someone.