Hello, I'm Jessica Coyne

ERYT 500,

Spinal Yoga Specialist

Intuitive Reiki Master

Meditation Teacher

Pranayama Facilitator

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My Favorite Thing To Teach is

Every Yoga Pose is very precise in its form.

Alignment is everything.

Proper alignment is necessary because each yoga pose is meant to open the body's energy pathways, allowing vital life force to flow to each part of our physical, emotional and spirit self.

We must not just align our body by creating shapes. We must align our soul. We must find compassion, joy, and truth to find space. 


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I Teach The Foundations.

Because every yoga practice should start with that.

When you learn the foundations, no matter what your physical condition, shape, age, or ability, you will advance. Your body will begin to experience freedom and it will respond with increased flexibility, strength, balance and focus.

You will be shocked by what your body and mind do when you are aligned.

Every student must experience this for him or herself. Every student is an individual. Every student is unique. Every body is different. We have different physical needs. Different conditions, strengths and weaknesses. 

Some of us have physical injuries, ailments and conditions. Some of us have emotional injuries, ailments and conditions. 

This is why each student MUST have a yoga practice tailored to them. 

I do not believe yoga is a one-size-fits-all practice. I encourage each student to emower themselves to listen to their own body. To ensure they are practicing in a way that is safe and effective to them. I have learned from experts to teach students with spinal problems such as Stenosis, Sciatica, Spondylosis, Spondylolysis, and Spondylolistheses and other spinal disorders in a safe and beneficial way that most yoga teachers simply cannot offer.

My Story

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 I have been practicing yoga since in my early 20's. Over time, along with some increased flexibility, I started to get little aches and pains that later increased, no matter how much I practiced. Then one day I heard a pop in my right hip. And then I felt it.was my Sacro Iliac joint popping out of place. I quickly went to my doctor and showed her what I was doing when it happened. 

She nodded and said, yes, the yoga pose I did, with the intensity, that I was using to crank myself into said pose, definitetely pushed my hip out of alignment with my spine. My yoga was the source of my injury? I was shocked! I though yoga was supposed to heal! 

So It dawned on me. I was never taught correct alignment. Proper form was just not taught in many of the yoga classes I had attended. You see, I didn't realize I had a common condition called hypermobility that caused me to be more susceptible to injury. I wondered why no yoga teacher had ever told me that. 

So I set out on a mission. I was going to teach yoga and make sure none of my students got hurt like I did. 

I got my first certification to teach yoga in 2012 and opened up the very first yoga studio in the small town of Dover, Delaware in 2013. I quickly established a monthly beginner yoga program that began to sell out each month. A few new studios popped up in the area, but students kept coming to me because they heard I actually taught people how to do the poses. (something nobody else was doing).

My studio expanded and then expanded again! Over the course of 5 years I had taught over 1000 students my beginner program. 

I sold my studio in 2018 and have been teaching locally and online since then.