Reiki Treatment

Reiki is all around us. We don’t see it or hear it or feel it in a tangible way. But it is everywhere. In everything. It is infinitely wise and powerful. And it is gift and a blessing bestowed upon us.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese form of Energy healing done by an attuned practitioner. (A person whose chakras have been opened to transmit Reiki Energy.) It has been in existence since the beginning of time but was rediscovered around the turn of the 19 century and brought into practice by a Japanese Buddhist Monk, Master Mikao Usui.

The word Reiki is a combination of 2 words

Rei- Meaning UNIVERSE



Reiki energy balances the Chakras. There are 7 main energy centers (Chakras) that run from the tailbone to just above the crown of the head. There are a total of 114 chakras in the body including These seven main chakras as well as many other minor chakras such as in the hands and feet.

This higher power life force energy (Reiki) is transmitted through the practitioner and into the Reiki client to allow balancing and healing of the chakras. 

A Reiki treatment is done in your own home on a massage table. The client is fully clothed and completely relaxed with comfy pilliows and blankets. The treatment involves minimal to no no touching.

Because Reiki transcends space and time it can also be done with the Reiki Practitioner in their own space while the client is in their own space (anywhere in the world).

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